Different Types Of Hash 

Different Types Of Hash

Since the times of our ancestors, hash has been a delicacy for marijuana lovers worldwide. It comes in different types that are determined by the making process.

Before we get to the different hash types, let’s understand the cannabis plants. Female cannabis plants produce flowers that secrete sticky, thick rosin when not pollinated. This rosin is created from trichomes, which appear like crystals and small glass mushrooms under a microscope.

Trichomes are the ones that make cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that provide marijuana with its special effects, flavours, and aroma. In this article, we’ll discuss all the different types of hash.


What is Hash (Hashish)?

Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis used by joint, bong, pipe, or hookah. Hash is created when trichomes are separated from weed buds, trimmed, and combined into a string extract.

It’s an ancient weed concentrate originally from the middle east that had finger hash, and in modern times we mostly have bubble hash which is an upgrade from the ancient dirt with the latest technology.

The taste, smell, and texture of hash may differ depending on the production process. The evolution of the process has also made ingestion of it different, with different types. However, hash maintained its popularity over the years with its strong effects, flavours, and consistency. 

What are the Different Types of Hash?

What are the Different Types of Hash?

Hash comes in different types, each with different forms and shapes. Here’s a list, so you know what you want the next time you go to a cannabis dispensary so you can find premium-grade hash.


This is one of the oldest types of hash, requiring no technology. Ancestors in India were making this long before any discovery of technology.

Charas, or finger hash, is made by rubbing cannabis buds between fingers or palms. After much effort, the weed’s oily and THC-rich coating collects on the hands and is scratched off.

Good quality charas hash should not have any seeds or materials inside. Its colour is almost dark green to black and skimmy in texture. In low temperatures, it solidifies and becomes less soft.

Dry Sift Hash

This contains black Afghani, Pakistani, red Lebanese, Moroccan pollen, and Turkish brick. Dry sift hash is made by sieving dried marijuana buds and trimming them using fine mesh screens. 

The friction produced separates trichomes into a powder called kief. Kief is a by-product of grinding buds using grinders. The kief is then pressed in blocks with several techniques based on the place of production.

For example, in Afghanistan, the hash is created by mixing kief with little tea to create a dough mixed on low heat till a black colour and smooth and thick concentration like toffee is produced.

In Morocco, Moroccan hash is created by pressing kief several times using heat and pressure. Pakistani uses the same method as Moroccan, but it’s cured in dried goat or sheep skin to elevate the flavour.

Marijuana Rosin

This is hash made by heating certain cannabis compounds from other parts of the cannabis plant. We heat mainly the resinous trichomes.

You make marijuana rosin by wrapping dried buds in parchment paper and then heating it with, for example, a hair straightener. The heated bud forms oil that’s absorbed by the paper.

You then cool the oil, which turns into a golden wax-like product and remove it from the paper. This hash has intense flavours, perfect if you enjoy intense and full cannabis flavours.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hush is an upgrade from finger hash. Its process requires water, bubble bags, and ice. Fill the bags with dried cannabis buds and place them in ice water. The cold water causes trichomes and dried rosin to be more brittle, allowing them to separate all the buds.

After you remove the silky plant material from trichomes using several fine sieves, a good filter should produce a clean hash with a clean and crisp smell.

HBO – Butane Hash Oil

This is a hash made from butane as a solvent. Buds are burned in high-pressure machinery, and the butane is removed in a few seconds. The remainder, a strong wax, shatter, or oil, depends on how you handle extraction.

Extreme pure kind forms are amber-coloured glass and shatter like glass when you break it. If the extraction method is done correctly, it can be as high as 85% THC. You should avoid leaving butane in the hash since it’s dangerous and tastes terrible.

Hash Oil

Hash oil is made from solvents like isopropyl alcohol, acetone extracts, and part of THC from the cannabis flower. Next, the remaining solvents are evaporated, leaving a sticky mixture with an image with a golden-like hue.

Hash oil is versatile and can cook cannabis edibles or be smoked with weed. Hash oil is best if you like a little extra added to your high. Avoid hash oils containing chemical or alcoholic smells because they indicate that solvents were not removed properly.

C02-Extracted Cannabis Distillates

This type of hash is at another level. Cannabis distillate extraction can produce up to 99% of cannabinoid extraction. This is a high of THC most people have not yet hit.

The extraction process is thorough, considering the different boiling points of THC and CBD. This means that the extraction takes different stages to extract everything.

The final product can be used in several ways:

  • Taken orally
  • Applied on the skin
  • You can inhale it or use a dab rig.

Note that this type of product is not for a beginner.

What is the Best Place to Buy Hash Online in Canada?

What is the Best Place to Buy Hash Online in Canada?

If you’re looking for the best hash in Canada, your search is over. Daily Edibles offers some of the best quality hash and hash extracts. We are authorized retailers in Canada offering only quality and legal cannabis products.

Legal cannabis products in Canada are only sold by retailers authorized by territorial and provincial governments. A legal retailer will sell products with standardized cannabis symbols, health warning texts, excise stamps unique to each territory and province, and plain packaging resistant to children.


Final Verdict

With all the different hash types, deciding which hash you prefer can take time when you buy hash online in Canada. So to get your preference, go ahead and try each of them, take notes, then choose the right one for you.

The good part of using hash is that it can go a long way, especially regarding effects compared to cannabis flowers. In addition, hash has been in many communities since its ancestral ages. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or deny yourself. 



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