How To Order

Step 1: Browse our inventory

Locate the products you are interested in ordering by going to our Shop page.

Step 2: Add to Cart

Click on your desired product and choose the amount you would like. Press ‘ADD TO CART’.

Step 3: Checkout

When you have all your products in your shopping cart, and are ready to Checkout, click on the shopping cart icon (top-right of your screen) and you will be redirected to the View Cart page. Here you can review your order total. Remember all orders over $60* are eligible for Free Shipping. Be sure to fill out your information carefully.
*select cities only. Excluded cities require minimum $100 order for free shipping

Step 4: Accept Terms & Conditions

Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, you’ll need to accept the Terms and Conditions (located on the bottom of the page) then click “Place Order” You will see a symbol for Interact E-Transfer and the next screen will provide you with detailed instructions on how to send your Interac E-Transfer.

Step 5: Payment Instructions

If paying cash please have the exact change for the driver. Drivers do not carry change.

Just a few more steps to complete your order:

1. Please send an Interac E-transfer totaling your order amount to the email in the payment instructions email.

This email is registered for auto deposit. This means you will not need to add in a secret question and answer.

2.In the memo of the e-transfer, please be sure to include your order number. This is very important as it identifies which order you are paying for!

3. If your bank requires you to have a secret question and answer please follow these steps: Write your Secret Question as: Our Country?

4. Choose your Secret Answer to be: Canada. Once we receive your E-Transfer we will send out a confirmation email and ship your product.

Step 6: We get your order ready to be delivered

Once we confirm your payment has been received, we will get your order ready and have it delivered within an hour’s time. Please note, it can take 30-60 minutes for e-transfers to land in our accounts and for us to be notified by email.