What is THC Syrup?

THC Syrup
THC syrup is a liquid cannabis product created by combining cannabis concentrate or extract with sugar, coconut oil, or vegetable glycerin. This liquid version of the psychoactive THC generates higher highs that stay longer and wear off faster than a typical cannabis edible, making it a more and more popular cannabis product.
Online Canadian dispensaries frequently sell THC syrups packaged in bottles like those for cough syrup with the THC concentration clearly labelled and expressed in milligrammes to facilitate easy dosage. As an alternative, individuals can produce their own THC syrup at home using just a few basic components.

Uses for THC Syrup

Cannabis foods, cannabis flowers, and cannabis vape cartridges are already available. But in actuality, THC syrup is a surprise hit. It’s a remedy that, until they had it, nobody knew they needed. It generates a high that lasts for a while, is far more adaptable than edibles, doesn’t stink up your back porch, and won’t make you cough. It’s simple to use cannabis whenever you want and however you want with this discreet option.

Is THC syrup equivalent to Lean?

Lean produces a higher amount of intoxication, but syrup is less dangerous. It doesn’t have any opiates at all. You still need to use caution, though, thus As with any food, you should start out slowly and just take a small quantity at first. Additionally, it has nothing to do with THC lean, a simple syrup of codeine and promethazine that has been mixed with THC. Syrup is sometimes mistaken for cannabis simple syrup, which is created by fusing simple syrup with marijuana. THC simple syrup is a terrific method to sweeten and add THC to cold beverages like iced coffee or to give a cocktail a little extra oomph.
Lean is a 1960s slang name for prescription codeine-promethazine cough medication, which is frequently combined with soda or alcohol. Lean’s roots in hip hop culture are shared with THC syrup, but it is a very separate beverage. Other names for lean include “Purple Drank,” “Sizzurp,” and “Dirty Sprite.”

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