What Are THC Pills

THC pills are cannabis in the form of a pill. The cannabis pill is cannabis in different forms, including decarboxylated flower, extracted oil, or single-form cannabinoids like CBD and THC. 

These pills are subtle and easy to consume and have long-lasting effects. THC pills are cannabis extracts/derivatives compressed in a pill. These are weed pills that are more convenient to consume.


What are Cannabis Capsules (aka Weed Pills)?

These are slow-releasing cannabis in capsule form. Weed capsules come in different forms, including marijuana flower and oil, all of which have been extracted from the cannabis plant. There are different types of cannabis capsules, such as THC capsules like we are referring to here, and cannabidiol capsules like Keoni CBD capsules. THC capsules get you high, whereas CBD capsules do not.


How Are Cannabis Pills Made?

Cannabis pills or weed capsules are made from the cannabis plant and turned into a weed edible. You need to follow specific steps to come up with these pills. 

To make the weed capsule, or pill, proceed as follows:

1. Select your favourite type of cannabis

When learning to make your weed pill, any weed flower, extract, or kief can be used. Whatever you choose should be according to your preferences and budget limits. Also, pay attention to the potency level since more potent weed will give you potent cannabis capsules.

2. Decide to decarb the cannabis or leave it as it is

The best way to get a buzz from your cannabis pills is first to decarboxylate the weed, as this is the only way the THC capsules will give you the high effect as it is converted from THCA to THC. 

THCA is the natural form of THC found in the fresh weed plant that only converts to THC when dried (albeit slowly) or when heated gently at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for not less than 45 minutes. 

If you are not interested in the high effect, leave the THCA as it is and still benefit from the pain-reducing anti-inflammatory and nausea-reliving effects.

3. Prep the Cannabis

Choose the extraction method you prefer and get the cannabinoid oil from the cannabis you chose earlier. Be careful about the dosage since the oil extract will fill the pills/ capsules. 

There are different methods of extracting the canna oil, including mason jars and crock pots, so choose a recipe you are comfortable with.

4. Fill the capsules

Once the canna oil is ready, open up the capsule, fill one half, and place it in the freezer to solidify. Once it solidifies, recap the top using the other side of the capsule. The canna oil can be replaced by flowers or other cannabis products you prefer.

5. The capsules/ pills are ready to use at this point.

Most people who make their cannabis pills or capsules are those that are not able to access ready pills in their neighbourhood. The good news is that these pills are easy to make, and all you need is to have the interest.


Different Types of Weed Pills?

There are three major types of weed pills users can choose from. These are:

  1. THC oil capsules: These are cannabis oil capsules that are majorly oily. They have a liquid distillate in clear gel caps showing a golden liquid inside. Usually, they have a THC concentration of 5mg to 25mg, which is the dose you get each time you consume the capsule.
  2. Decarboxylated Flower Capsules: The THC capsule contains activated THC extracted by heating the cannabis plant/flower to transform THCA to THC. The capsules have decarboxylated flowers.
  3. Crystalline THC Capsules:  Crystalline THC refers to powdered THC resembling salt. This white substance is pure THC with no terpenes, plant matter, or cannabinoids. 


Benefits of THC Capsules

Consider getting THC capsules Canada markets have to offer for the many advantages they offer. 

Some of the major advantages that come with these pills include the following:

  • It allows you to take your THC on the go
  • It comes in consistent dosage, making it easy to regulate the amounts you consume
  • Allows users to enjoy discreet consumption. No one can tell when you take the THC since you pop it and enjoy the benefits
  • It is great for people who don’t enjoy smoking or vaping

Overall, these pills are much more convenient than any other method of consuming THC or CBD.


How to Take Marijuana Pills?

These pills are quite easy to consume. They are easy to use, and no special gadget or mastery of use is needed. It also works perfectly for new users as the dosage is easy to regulate. 

Beginners should consider taking a pill a day until they are confident about the effects. Increase the dosage gradually as you monitor the pills’ effect on your body. Depending on the effects, you will come up with the right dosage for yourself.

Most users consume THC capsules/ pills on an empty stomach, preferably first thing in the morning when they wake up. This tends to have a faster effect compared to when you take them with food which you can. Expect about 30 minutes delay if you consume the pills with food.

The overall effect after consumption takes 45 minutes to a few hours. This explains why taking another pill is not recommended until two hours have elapsed, as the previous one you consumed may not have been metabolized.

Take your time to understand how THC works with you since everyone metabolizes the product differently. Understand the reactions you are likely to get with it. Note that the THC capsule may last a few hours on the body and can stay up to a year on the shelves without losing potency.


Where to Buy Weed Capsules Online in Canada?

Now that you appreciate the THC or weed capsules/ pills, getting yourself some is a great idea. Not everyone can take their pills home, and buying is a great option. Fortunately, THC pills Canada’s online markets are a great place to start.



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