Mushy Mushy CBD Tincture | 1000mg


This 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made from pure, naturally-sourced hemp plants. All of our hemp is 100% Canadian, produced locally in Vancouver, Canada. Mushy’s tincture products are independently tested by a third-party lab on Vancouver Island to safeguard against contamination and ensure an accurate, consistent dose of CBD.

This CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle and has a natural, hempen, earthy taste. While research is still ongoing, cannabinoids may offer neuroregenerative properties that help heal the brain from injury. Clinical trials into the efficacy of CBD and psilocybin for the treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries are currently underway.

Recommended Use: Place a full dropper of CBD tincture under the tongue, holding for a moment before swallowing. Take it once per day. Repeat as necessary.

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